A Long tiem ago, in a galexy far,
far ewy ...



Galactik Gay Crusaders: Luk & Vadoor's Epic Gayventure

Once upon a tiem, in a galaxy far, far away, dere waz dis big star war goin' on. It all startid wif dis young boy named Luk. He waz a reel good boy, ya know? His ded, Dart Vadoor, he waz a big deal too, but he had a sekret. He waz gey! Luk didn't know dis at first, but den he landed on dis planet, an he met dis green dude named Yoda Gay. Yoda Gay, he had dis magic thingy, an' he made Luk gay too! It waz all cuz of dis laser dildo or sumthin'.

So, Luk, he waz all like, "Whoa, I'm gay now?" An Dart Vadoor, he waz sekretly like, "Yeah, buddy, me too!" But Dart Vadoor, he had dis big hate for gays, 'cause he waz strugglin' wit his own gayness. He wanted to be da boss of da universe, da pope even, but secretly, he liked seducin' boys. It waz all messed up!

Anyways, Luk an' Dart Vadoor, dey had dis big shodoun. Luk tried to tolk sense into Dart Vadoor, tellin' him it's okay to be gay, but Dart Vadoor, he was all like, "No way, I gotta be evil an' stuff!" So dey fought, lightdildos swingin' an' all dat. But in da end, Luk showed Dart Vadoor da dik, an' Dart Vadoor, he was like, "Whoa, maybe bein' gay ain't so bad after all!"

An' dat's how Luk an' Dart Vadoor became da first gey herus of da galaxy, fytin' against hate an' spredin' love evrywer dey went. It waz a crazy adventure, but in da end, love conquered all!

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